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Introducing Link

Our bespoke technology so that you don't have to chase.


Statistically dynamic, issue led and feature driven - Link is THE management tool


With 2 factor authentication and ISO27001 arriving in 2022 you can be sure that through Link, Nexus is keeping all of your data secure. We are proud that Link is a 100% bespoke British built system.


With live and accurate reports being generated as each activity is being completed you are never out of the loop


Ask us to how brand, tailor and manage your information so that it meets and exceeds your and your customers' expectations.

Quality Support

Automated, not faceless. Our 24 hour customer service team are on hand at all times.


Never miss an issue that you need to be aware of via Link's unique way of working


Whether your device runs Windows, iOS or Android, Link has been designed to run effortlessly on your device

Uniquely designed and Managed

Link is the culmination of over 40 years of security experience, designed with all of our customers in mind. We recognise the importance of being able to report accurately and to deal with events as and when they happen.


Link provides a fully customisable user experience with tailored report settings, key management, SLA dashboards and GPS tagging. 

Triggered reporting


95% of our activities do not require action from the end user. Link focusses on the 5% that do and works alongside our 24/7 customer service team to highlight break-ins, access issues and other events as they happen. Utilising your Link inbox allows you to see all of your site questions and queries at all times.

Issue Management

Have a question regarding a patrol? Need to tell us that something has changed? Link's inbuilt issue management system allows all complaints, issues and questions to be logged against a site. Our messenger style system keeps you updated at every stage as our customer service team resolves and then automatically sends a resolution to you for your records. 

Key Management

Link securely manages keys from the moment we collect them and will provide you an instant report of when your keys were last successfully used and what keys are currently held. For our larger customers with thousands of sites this means key audits are now automated and up to date.